Voices Of The People

Voices Of The People

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Native people have lived in the area now known as Yosemite for thousands of years. From their unique vantage point, members of the Seven Associated Tribes of Yosemite National Park have much to say about themselves and their homeland.

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, the Tribes have partnered with the National Park Service to produce an account of their diverse histories, family chronicles, and visions for the future, all presented from their perspective and in their own words.

This book presents the memories and stories of elders that take the reader back in time to the creation of Half Dome. Historical accounts through the eyes of the Tribes relate the devastation that occurred beginning with the California Gold Rush, as foreign diseases, genocide, and forced removal decimated the Tribes almost to the point of extinction. Over time, with remarkable courage and resilience, present-day members of the Tribes engaged with one another and with the park to begin the process of re-establishing themselves, their culture, and their rightful place within Yosemite.

Their stories present readers with opportunities for introspection and to learn more about themselves and their interactions with others.