Steller's Jay Pin

Steller's Jay Pin

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Cyanocitta stelleri

Who is that blue bird that seems to follow us everywhere we go in Yosemite? Meet the Steller's Jay, the animal you are most likely to see in the park. At home in the coniferous forest, the intelligent and gregarious Steller's Jay is easily spotted with its bright blue plumage and black crest. The Steller's Jay is a true omnivore, with a diet comprised of 2/3 plant matter and 1/3 animal matter. Likely to be swooping down to check out your picnic (please do not share your lunch as human food is harmful to them). Easy to spot, the Steller's Jay offers an accessible way to learn about the behavior of our feathered friends.

To help raise understanding of wildlife in the park, Yosemite Conservancy helps fund critical wildlife research conducted by Yosemite National Park Service. These projects, in turn, inform strategies and conservation plans to help ensure the future of these wonderful animals. To learn more about wildlife management projects Yosemite is funding visit: Wildlife Management | Yosemite Conservancy

1.375" Wide