Bobcat Pin

Bobcat Pin

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Lynx rufus

Like most cats, the Bobcat is territorial and largely solitary. Bobcats are elusive and crepuscular so they are rarely seen by humans. They are roughly twice the size of the average house cat. They derive their name from their stubby "bobbed" tail. Bobcats are fierce hunters and can kill prey that is much larger than themselves, but prefer rabbits, birds, mice, squirrels, and other smaller animals.

To help raise understanding of wildlife in the park, Yosemite Conservancy helps fund critical wildlife research conducted by Yosemite National Park Service. These projects, in turn, inform strategies and conservation plans to help ensure the future of these wonderful animals. To learn more about wildlife management projects Yosemite is funding visit: Wildlife Management | Yosemite Conservancy

1.25" Wide